Days of the Week!

I haven’t exactly figured out how I want this sort of blog to end up, so I decided, I’m gonna try EVERYTHING!

Quite ambitious, I know. But I figured, since I’m going to be blogging daily for this month, why not just make a theme out of every single day? I’m a fan of dailygrace, and I used to be a jock in a local radio station before, so I’ve kinda gotten the idea to do a daily “thing.”

Grace Helbig has Wednesday Reviews, Thursday How-to’s, Sexy Fridays; and our station had Thursday Night Talkbacks, Backstab Mondays, and all those sorts of shenanigans.

Since this is a blog, and it wouldn’t be live, or interactive, I just decided to theme out my content for five days a week, and weekends are an anything-goes sort of thing.



Okay. So starting off the week with Monday. Mondays are going to be REVIEW DAYS. The Hit List is going to be a list of things I am currently in love with. Movies, books, music, celebrities, etc. Brace yourselves, Mondays are going to be all about mainstream pop culture. But knowing me, there’s bound to be a lot of indies in there.


If you know me personally, you’d know that the only thing I’ve actually perfected in the kitchen is a tuna spaghetti. That’s about the only decent meal I could make. In a family where, everyone knows how to cook, it’s bound to get crowded in the kitchen on parties or celebrations, so I tend to be the family member that just EATS. I’m challenging myself to wear that apron every Tuesday, and make a mess in the kitchen. (I promise to clean it afterwards, grandma!)


Do not, I repeat, DO NOT laugh at me. I know this is a bit out of my league, but hey, I am a girl! No matter what all my guy friends say, I have boobs (not really), I have long (unbrushed) hair, and I have that monthly proof that my body is carrying an XX chromosome. Okay, just allow me to do this. Wednesdays will be all about fashion and beauty. Hair and face products that I like, make-up tips (I promise, I know how to do make-up) and how to style hair. Also, it could be OOTD days, although I never really do that, it’s at least an excuse to dress up nicely once a week right?


Those TBT posts on instagram and facebook probably has an awesome story that goes with it, aye? Every Thursday, I’m going to write a Throwback complete with photos/videos of whatever it is. The only rule, it has to be an experience that happened not after the year 2010. I mean come on, if I posted something  from last year, how could that be a “throwback?”


I got the idea from iamrihanna from wordpress who wrote about Fearless Fridays. The idea was, to begin with a “bucket list” of things you’re afraid of doing, or never imagined yourself doing, and cross it all out. I decided to write out this sort of list and present it on the first Friday of November (technically it’s the second, but for the sake of my posts, let’s call it the first.) In the succeeding Fridays, I will then try and do anything from that list, and well, write about it!

See? I’m a fashion blogger, food blogger, and reviewer all in one!

It’s Monday tomorrow! I can’t wait to begin!




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