2013 in a tiny Box.

Who knew events of the year could fit in a tiny, old DKNY watch box? I got the concept from tumblr exactly a year ago. It was New Year's Eve, and I saw this picture of a glass with what seemed like letters inside it. The idea was to write out things that made you … Continue reading 2013 in a tiny Box.

New things for the New Year.

As the days of the year 2013 are starting to wane, the anticipation of new things are coming in. New people, new habits, new happenings, New Year. It's time to let go of the things that hurt us from the past, and accept new opportunities that present themselves for our future. Yes, this blog post … Continue reading New things for the New Year.

Days of the Week!

I haven't exactly figured out how I want this sort of blog to end up, so I decided, I'm gonna try EVERYTHING! Quite ambitious, I know. But I figured, since I'm going to be blogging daily for this month, why not just make a theme out of every single day? I'm a fan of dailygrace, … Continue reading Days of the Week!