Life Changes during the Pandemic

As always, I would like to keep to my word by making sure this blog stays positive and is always looking at the bright side of things. I know that's been a little redundant in the past couple of posts but at a time like this: I'd much rather be on that end of the … Continue reading Life Changes during the Pandemic

Keeping positive

From my most recent post, I could say that a lot of things have definitely happened to me. It has actually already been six months, and I haven’t even noticed that time was moving. Since then, I’ve already moved to a different city, gotten a new job, learned a new language, (well, still learning) and … Continue reading Keeping positive

Yes and No

After graduating, (yes I already graduated, finally!) I had hoped to have at least a few months to unwind, relax and RECOVER from 17 years of education. But life apparently has other plans for me. Not more than four days later, I was offered a job at sales. I did not look for it, it came to find … Continue reading Yes and No