As always, I would like to keep to my word by making sure this blog stays positive and is always looking at the bright side of things. I know that’s been a little redundant in the past couple of posts but at a time like this: I’d much rather be on that end of the spectrum.

These past few months have been stressful, depressing and extremely trying, but despite all of that, I am still finding it in myself to learn new things. Being mostly stuck inside, you don’t realize the little changes you do in your day to day life that are making good habits for yourself that lead to wonderful effects. I am grateful for the lessons and I’m delighted to share it with you guys!

I haven’t shopped for clothes in a while.

Staying mostly indoors, I don’t really have a lot of people to see and places to go where I would need something cute to wear. I am one of those girls who usually complain about not having anything to wear despite having a full closet. This whole situation has actually made me realize that I DO have a lot of clothes and that I don’t always have to buy something new. It has given me an appreciation for minimalism, allowed me to be creative about dressing myself up with the “limited” pieces I have, and has given me the opportunity to save so much money!

Removing Single-Use Plastic in my day-to-day life.

If possible, my household would be plastic-free. However, I understand how challenging that could be, especially right now. But, as little as I can, I’m trying my best to lessen my carbon footprint. So I started with the products that I use around the house. I did my research as to which brands are giving me the option of recycling, and not being able to throw out plastic. This post is not an ad but I really recommend these brands:

Cleancult and Blueland – for home cleaning products
Beeswax – reusable food wraps and covers for your fridge food and snacks
Simple Truth – for compostable trash bags
Better Way – toilet papers that are 100% bamboo and comes in recyclable wrappers

Most of these brands are delivered to your door in no-plastic packaging and have their own charities that help save the world. I know I personally have a long way to go to completely cut off plastic in my life, but using these products as a start makes me feel like I am actually trying to do something no matter how small the difference I’m making is. Like I have said, this is not an ad, and if you have other recommendations that you think I should try, please don’t hesitate to share them with me and my readers.

I have been cooking so much more.

In connection to trying to lessen my use of plastic, I decided to also lessen going to the grocery store. I have achieved this by signing up for a food prep subscription. As a person living alone, one of the biggest challenges for me is shopping for food. No matter how tedious I plan for it, I always end up wasting so much food because everything would go to waste before I even get the chance to open it. Or, I would end up over-eating because I would want to cook something before it goes bad. It is a known fact in my circle of family and friends, that cooking and baking is one of my lesser adult skills. Having something like Hello Fresh, give me detailed instructions and exact proportions of ingredients make me feel like a chef in my own kitchen while helping reduce my food waste SIGNIFICANTLY.

I have more time for workouts.

I am doing work from home for half of the week which literally gives me so much extra time to do other things. Of course, I have been spending most of it in social media and watching TV (and honestly that makes me disappointed with myself.) So whenever productivity hits, I take out the yoga mat and do a bunch of stretches. Once a week, I try to do heavy work outs with my girlfriends at the park, it has been painful, but so much fun!

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