We are finally already halfway through the year and I know it’s still horrible, but slowly we are all finding ways to manage. I have spent the entirety of this month trying to adjust to the new normal, but also still be able to do things while safely distancing from other people. It sucks that that’s the way it is now. I am hoping we can all go back to not fear to be around other people very soon.

It has been one summer activity after another, and while not meaning to do it I have actually enhanced my developing tan. Colorado is such a beautiful place that if you can’t be in the mountains, you could be in the lakes. You just can’t help but be outside! I am very grateful that even with all the outdoor activities, the people are respectful enough to wear their masks and keep their distance.

#findgizel socially distancing in a fun way!

At the moment, I am not even thinking about traveling anywhere, but it’s nice to stay in my state and discover new places. There’s always possibilities of an adventure everywhere, including your own backyard! I am falling more and more in love with the great outdoors. Who knows, maybe I might even give camping a chance.

xx Gizel

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