I try not to let it get to me but honestly this whole thing is taking a toll on my mental health. It is getting more and more difficult to see the bright side and keep being positive especially because on top of this whole virus thing, there are more personal stuff to stress about, like moving (again) or work or the uncertainty of keeping your job through all this.

Quarantine is over as certain states get a lot more lenient with opening places and removing the Stay-at-Home orders. I am lucky enough to be physically back to work but the situation of the whole world is still a little unsettling to consider actually going back to normal. It will definitely be a new normal from now on. Everything has DRASTICALLY changed from getting an education, to working, to eating out, or to a simple walk in the park.

Throughout everything, I believe its a great idea to keep checking on your family and your friends all the time. Make sure they are doing good and staying as clean and as healthy as they can be. It could be a simple conversation about anything under the sun that will keep your mind off of idle moments that scare you about your current reality. A simple “How are you?” goes a long way!

I recently randomly had a three-hour conversation with one of my best friends Skippy about this whole thing. He tried to calm me down while I was having yet another panic attack. Towards the middle of the call I was already laughing hysterically, and felt lighter and so much better by the end.

Even though I struggle trying to arrange a schedule with all my best friends who are in Spain, Dubai, the Philippines, and anywhere around the world, I still try my best to get in touch with them. The time difference is not such a huge deal when you’re finally talking to each other. The actual concept of time gets forgotten. We can have drinks together even though my end of the world is just starting my morning coffee while Cleo is already on her evening wine. We are somehow having a meal together even though I’m on my midnight snack and Junko and Raina are eating their lunch.

Conversations with important people in your life should not be taken for granted. The time spent with these people, despite being only virtual is still an important time of the day. It’s nice to know that you are not alone in this whole thing, and all your stresses no matter how trivial compared to the rest of the world, are still valid.

Who knows where this will lead to? I want to keep being positive but once in a while I will allow myself to be sad about it. Because it is a sad situation! But I promise, that after a good cry, I will try my best to accept the things I cannot change, breathe, and let go.

xx Gizel

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