We are already nearing into a month of this quarantine and yes, it is rather difficult but I am happy my family is taking this whole thing seriously and are all being very diligent about everything. Without them, my thoughts would’ve probably been all over the place and it honestly would just have been one breakdown after another.

I mean, to be honest my thoughts are already all over the place anyway, but in a weird happy place (which is 100% where I’d rather be) filled with food, cartoons and poop stories. My google search history is funnily a variation between “How to get a toddler to poop in the potty,” “How to bake bread,” and “Is Gigi Hadid really pregnant?”

In the midst of all the fun chaos, we decided to celebrate my sister’s birthday. We tried to do as much as we could given the limitations. I’ve never really realized how difficult it was to plan a party without leaving your home. We just desperately wanted to break the boring loop of not doing anything exciting so we all dressed up and cooked and decorated.

I also did a little mini photoshoot for the birthday girl. You know what’s funny? I think one of the first contents of this blog was a photoshoot I did for her debutante party (which I also organized by the way) so yeah, here we are seven years later finally coming full circle. At least this time she’s not that shy little eighteen-year-old who doesn’t know how to pose anymore.

Staying in with my family for almost a month now that my sister is an adult made me realize how much better than me she is at cooking, driving and many other things.

I will keep trying to be positive in this dark period of time and try to share that happiness with everybody. I’m so glad my family is a group of people that always finds light in situations like these. How’s your quarantine going?

Happy Birthday Prencess!

xx Gizel

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