Quarantine Diaries: A Pandemic Birthday

We are already nearing into a month of this quarantine and yes, it is rather difficult but I am happy my family is taking this whole thing seriously and are all being very diligent about everything. Without them, my thoughts would’ve probably been all over the place and it honestly would just have been one … Continue reading Quarantine Diaries: A Pandemic Birthday

Quarantine Diaries: The Poop Stories

I’m sure much like everyone else, we all started with a plan. Have a set schedule of doing things, exercise, cook, clean, whatever it may be to use up all this free time for ourselves to be productive. But I am also sure, much like everyone else, that we’ve stopped sticking to this plan way … Continue reading Quarantine Diaries: The Poop Stories

Foodtrip in Vegas

What do you do if you get to spend two full days in Vegas? Eat, of course! Which I might have overdone because aside from also eating-in my mom’s home-cooked meals, I’ve also managed to eat out in four different restaurants, twice in AYCE places. I love coming home to Vegas because food places are … Continue reading Foodtrip in Vegas