I’m sure much like everyone else, we all started with a plan. Have a set schedule of doing things, exercise, cook, clean, whatever it may be to use up all this free time for ourselves to be productive. But I am also sure, much like everyone else, that we’ve stopped sticking to this plan way too early in the game. I mean, whoever thought this quarantine was going to take as long as it has?

In the first couple of days after I arrived in Vegas, I was in room-isolation. I was separated from my whole family. I had food delivered to me in a tray and nobody wanted to touch me. I know maybe you’re thinking that’s a bit too much, but none of us wanted to risk anything. I did feel bad about not being close to my nephew though. I was so excited to see him and hug him and play with him but we set up a barricade between us so he couldn’t even come close. He could see me and say “Hi” though, and for a while that was enough.

I’ve tried doing a lot of things with my free time; working out, reading, writing… which turned into catching up on a bunch of TV shows that I’ve stopped watching and a rabbit hole of the social media loop. Don’t judge me I know you’ve done this too.

When I finally came out of isolation, I thought it was gonna be better, but other than the new addition of morning walks and baking or at least trying to bake and fail a lot, it basically just remained the same and somehow morphed with my nephew’s day to day life.

I have now watched all the episodes of “Blues Clues and You” and genuinely enjoyed every single one of them. I’ve got a feeling that I might continue watching it unapologetically without needing to use my nephew as an excuse anymore. Because of getting “forced” to watch his shows, I have now become very well versed in all the new popular children’s nursery rhymes and cartoons.

I’ve realized how normal it is to go into specific details describing a toddlers’ poop, and not even flinch despite getting this detailed description mentioned at the dinner table.

I have also recently started working from home, which is a welcome change of pace. However, once my nephew wakes up from his nap, all my work chores go out the door. He has morphed himself into my work as well.

This whole quarantine is working out relatively okay so far. I am still trying to keep positive considering the circumstances.

As of tonight, I just wanted to share with the rest of you: its tiny, green and a little dry, but it smells intense!! Hahaha happy quarantine everybody!

xx Auntie Gizzy

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