After a very long time of him trying to convince me, I finally said yes to going camping! I love the outdoors but camping has never been something that appealed to me. I am very accustomed to my comforts which include a warm home, a soft bed, and a private and clean toilet. I am not interested in exploring the adventures of pooping in the wilderness. I can not and WILL NOT do it! (Had this been a three-day trip, I’d probably be singing a different tune.) 😅

Special Thanks to @skipeedoodles for being my constant go-to for music choices

I am glad I agreed to go though, because I had one of the best times I’ve had in a while. Traveling at the moment is still something I’m not brave enough to do. So driving towards a destination is exciting in itself. We drove through the Independence Pass with the beautiful foliage while the leaves were at their peak in gold. We went to a car-park numbered campsite and had the whole area to ourselves. Our spot was pretty amazing. We discovered a waterfall right across from our campsite. It was surrounded by fallen and broken trees because of an avalanche. It looked haunting, yet beautiful. We spent a little bit of time sitting on top of the rocks and kind of just hung out there in silence.

A couple of hapless situations presented themselves to us but we sort of turned them into something positive. At the site, we did not have any service at all, but because of having so much time not spent on my phone, I was finally able to go through halfway of the book that I started reading last month.

We are in a middle of a Stage II fire ban in Colorado, so we didn’t want to risk making a campfire. We were engulfed in darkness which meant we could see the sky vividly. I was able to spot a falling star and that made me so excited. We stargazed during a gorgeous cloudless night for a few hours until it got too cold so it was time to get inside the tent.

We only stayed for breakfast the next morning before we drove back home and I made a promise that I will try to do this at least once every year. I did have to give a disclaimer that I can only possibly get through this kind of camping. Anything more than that would be a struggle; his forte is backpacking. But, never say never.

I’m so glad I did this and got a little nature break even if it was just for one night. I promise, I will make an effort to do it again!

#findgizel on top of the waterfalls. I missed to do “the pose” because I actually didnt know my photos were being taken.

Location: Lincoln Gulch Campground, Pitkin County Colorado

xx Gizel

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