Before this place gets completely engulfed in snow, I’d love to enjoy whatever’s left of the sunshine as much as I could and share with you guys my favorite season!

Unfortunately, in this beautiful city where I live: winter takes up eight months of the year, summer is three and a half; so autumn only has maybe at least three weeks. Which is a real shame, because I personally think that this season is the best out of all of them.

The leaves are in a beautiful gold color. The air is crisp but the weather is not in the negatives yet, and you can just add and remove your layers easily.

The most beautiful hikes I’ve ever done are autumn hikes. I’m not sweating, like I do during the summer, I don’t slip on snow or ice, and I have the most amazing view.

Obviously the world is still at a standstill, but little things like the colors of the leaves make me happy so I try to milk as much as I can. Have you been spending time outdoors this season?

#findgizel on top of Smuggler Mountain, October 2020

xx Gizel

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