Happy Sunday everybody!

I’ve always loved a great transformation, and that’s what I am slowly trying to accomplish with my new home. A couple of you loved the “Living Room Makeover” post so here goes what I’ve promised: the balcony.

If any of you are familiar with my futon– it was always part of the frame of every single one of my beautiful window view photos. I purchased this piece of furniture to complete my old studio so that I had a separate “living area” and for it to turn into a bed when my friends or family would come over to visit.

the futon displayed in my old studio

Now that I have an actual living room with a refurbished couch that I’m finally starting to love, my first baby little futon has nowhere to go. But because I’m a little too attached and I can’t let it go, I decided to find it a designated spot in my new apartment. Where else can I put it other than the second spot I hang out in the most in this house?

My balcony started as this empty little space full of possibilities. I honestly really didn’t plan on putting a couch there, but it worked out somehow. Trust me, I tried it around a couple of different ways until I almost gave up, but I finally figured out the best place for it.

When I finally found the perfect spot, the futon became the focal piece in my balcony re-design and I decorated around it. My balcony is a beautiful place for coffee and breakfast. When I first started, I covered it with plastic fabric to make sure it does not get wet from the rain or the snow in the future, but it just wasn’t aesthetically pleasing, so I bought a privacy screen, and that changed the whole look!

I also sprayed the whole couch and all my throws with scotch guard for an extra layer of protection. One of the first nights after I got it completely decorated, I had to move all my plants back in because it started snowing pretty heavily. I know, winter in June, but that’s Colorado weather for ya! So after that, I decided to only have faux plants outside except a select few real ones to bring inside during heavy weather conditions.

One of my favorite things in my balcony is the little birdhouse that my mom and sister gave me for Christmas that I painted with my little nephew before I moved in. If you guys have any tips or tricks on how to attract a bird to make it it’s home even just for a little bit, please don’t hesitate to share it with me!

Sunsets in the balcony are my favorite time of day, even though it’s not until 9:30 at night (again, Colorado weather.) But the cool breeze, the sound of the birds and the trees, and the beautiful colors of the sky are a few of the reasons why I’m maybe turning into more of an outdoor person now.

Which area of the house should my next focus be?

xx Gizel

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