Did anyone else think that we’d get to this point?

Never in my wildest imagination did I envision myself living in a life straight out of those post apocalyptic stories that I love to read about or watch. Okay, maybe I’m overreacting a little bit. We haven’t reached that point yet, but are we getting there? It could be my paranoia or just my crazy wild imagination also fueled by said books and movies but I really do think we might get to live a different reality in the near future. I’m fervently hoping and praying that we don’t.

A couple of breakdowns and panic attacks later(some happening more than once in the same day,) I’ve decided that the best thing for my peace of mind would be to go home to my family. Living alone and being independent is fun, except when the whole world is falling into shambles. As somebody with a pre-existing heart condition, I never take things like these lightly. So instead of thinking I’m strong enough to handle whatever this thing is on my own, I decided that I needed to go home to be with my family.

We took extra precautions to make as little contact with other people as possible, so we drove probably a total of 14 hours from Colorado to Arizona to Nevada. All I can say right now is that, ever since I got here I could breathe a little better (and it’s not because I’m on lower altitude.)

I am currently isolating from my family and hearing my nephew call out to me breaks my heart, but I will hopefully be able to hug him in a couple of days. I’m going to be living out the rest of my quarantine here in Vegas with my family until whenever this pandemic ends which I’m praying for the sake of the world, is gonna be soon. I’ll try my best to be positive, calm and productive, maybe write a lot (of positive things) since I’ve got more time in my hands. In the mean time, I am deleting my Facebook app and will only look at positive news from now on.

xx Gizel

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