Happy Daylight Savings Day, everyone!

Is this even a day to celebrate? I honestly don’t think so, but all I know is: there is a day for literally anything, so if it isn’t an international celebration yet, I’ll put it upon myself to appoint it! Although not everyone really gets to experience DST and not a lot of people really understand what it is. Honestly, when I moved to America and experienced my very first time change in the same zone, I didn’t completely understand it either. I just knew that we had to reset our manual clocks for some reason and went along with it.

In the past couple of years since I’ve moved to Colorado, I have unintentionally made this little tradition of having a “walk” during the spring forward time change. I know my sleep was cut short for an hour, but beginning today the days are finally going to be longer (currently writing this at 7PM and it’s still bright outside) so I have more time to do other things in broad daylight. Like I’ve said before, I am a summer girl so I’ve learned to consider little things as tiny victories while living in this winter wonderland. 

I’ve had such an exciting winter season! Don’t get me wrong, I’m still “praying for snow” because I am learning and loving a snow sport after all, but I also can’t wait to stop wearing these damn layers and be able to ride the bike again! I love sunnier days because I do feel more productive and more positive. This is why even after working the whole day today, I still managed to go on a little walk. My little nature walks are usually my moments of contemplation and reflection. I barely get to do them in the winter as I’m usually “hibernating,” but the sun will soon shine warmer and I’d be able to do more of these things again.

This is already the third year of spring forward that I’ve gone on a walk after work exactly on daylight savings day and I’ve realized that I want to make a tradition out of it. I am going to start celebrating spring and the new beginnings that it will bloom for the world and for me. How about you?

xx Gizel

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