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Here I am celebrating a milestone in my life today. Is another year considered a milestone? I’m not sure yet, I don’t even know what a “milestone” is. I guess surviving a full year without having any mental breakdowns and still being on this universe living, breathing, and being (or at least trying) to be a blessing to others could pass?

I’m at that age where I don’t exactly feel like telling the truth about the actual number. It’s funny, I never actually expected that I would come to this point. I’ve always thought age was something that would never bother me after I had the epiphany not to measure my achievements in age. I think it’s more vanity on my part now. Today is my twenty-sixth birthday if you must know. But if you ask me, I’ll say I’m 22, maybe I’ll be 22 again next year, or to throw you off, I’ll just say I’m 41. It all works out, I’ve got amazing skin, haha!

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But really, what changes have I made in my life in the past year that’s got me to a point I could consider a success? I’m closer to my thirties (still can’t believe I’m saying that!) I’m a lot more mature, responsible and independent. I’m healthier and happier. That’s basically the important part. I let go of people that cause me pain, and I hold on to people that make me happy. I’m extremely proud of who I am right now, and I believe I’m in the right path to becoming an even better person: a self-aware individual who is headstrong with certain convictions, but will openly listen to different opinions without judgment.

Of course I am imperfect, but I like who I am at this moment of my life that I wish I could introduce present me to past me. She would’ve been very inspired. I’m extremely grateful for another year in my life, I wish my health would permit me more, I’d love to explore more aspects of my life that I haven’t exactly given a chance to.

Thank you very much for reading this personal blog. Now, I’m off to Denver to see my whole family. I can’t wait!

xx Gizel

2 thoughts on “August 31st

  1. Keep close to God , let Him lead your way & wherever God brings you remain lowly & humble. Follow His decrees. & Regulations & blessings will be shower in you. God bless!

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