Hello Denver!

Oh, how I’ve missed this city! And to think, it’s only a four-hour drive away, yet somehow I still have a hard time trying to get here. My sister, brother-in-law and I drove down to Denver to meet with the rest of my family to celebrate my birthday! I’m sneakily trying to convince them to move to Colorado so it would be easier to see all of them as much as I would like. I hope it’s working! Haha


My birthday was celebrated in an extremely cool restaurant in Lakewood called Joe’s Oshea. I don’t exactly know how they discovered this place but it was awesome!



The last time I came to this city, I was discovering a lot of interesting finds. I’m so glad I was able to take my family around with the little knowledge I have. We definitely enjoyed ice cream and coffee at the Union Station and our little boy had so much fun watching the trains. We spent a day in the aquarium, and I highly recommend it especially as a family activity.


We went walking around Union Station at night as well and visited my favorite spot Larimer Square again.


We all drove up to Aspen through the Independence Pass and stopped for a little bit in Leadville, one of the cutest towns in Colorado! The pass was such a beautiful drive and I was so happy to take them to the Continental Divide. The whole road trip was so enjoyable because I was just having gibberish conversations with my little nephew and teaching him to sing!


When we got to the valley, we visited the Glenwood Hot Springs again and this time they have the new attractions like the kids’ area and the slides for adults! Also, I discovered a little trick: If you come after 6PM, there’s a discount for the entrance fee! On their last day, we walked around to sight-see in Aspen. I’m so happy everyone finally got a chance to come to visit together.


It was yet again just another short trip, but time with family (no matter how short) is always great! I definitely can’t wait to see them again!


#findgizel in Colorful Colorado, this is 26!


xx Gizel

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