Hello ladies and gentlemen! The Find Gizel travel series is temporarily on a halt because one: my PTOs are on the negative and two: I’m saving up to move to my new studio apartment!!

Anyhoo, this month is the first month of this year where I’ve just stayed at home in Aspen. It still amazes me how I’ve been able to manage going to a different place every single month. I don’t actually work in the travel industry, so if you guys have any travel agency membership tips and ideas to save a lot, please send them my way.

I think I’ve somehow gotten used to leaving, because staying in town for a full 30 or in this case, 31 days is now giving me anxiety. I don’t understand why or how I feel more relaxed when Im running to catch a connecting flight rather than just being stress-free in this beautiful place. My next #findgizel adventure won’t be until July, so I have more time to mull over travel plans and get lost in boredom again.

Recently, I’ve found myself embarking on a new, “local” adventure. For this adventure, I’m just staying in town, but I’m still actively trying to get to a destination. That destination is: a healthier, fitter lifestyle. Wow, that was cheesy!


Yes, there’s no one else more surprised than myself that I’ve signed up to go to the gym. It still feels awkward to hear the words “I’m going to work-out” coming from my mouth, yet I’ve been saying it pretty regularly now. I challenge myself all the time to come to the gym even when I don’t have anyone to go with, or even if I’m still sore from the day before.

Honestly, I’ve been enjoying working out. It makes me feel happy after, and I can now see a (slight, slight) improvement on my tiny widdle booty. Ha! Aside from the physical changes that I only know will keep getting better, exercising is also beneficial to my mental health. I feel great about myself, I feel confident, and I’m making new friends!

So for this month, and possibly the next months to come, (hopefully regularly) you will Find Gizel at the Gym!!

xx Gizel

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