What’s the next best thing to traveling all over?
Staying at home and being visited by the family!


I’m so happy every time I get to spend even just a few days with my family. These four drove 10 hours to stay with me and get toured around my town. I still don’t understand why they like coming to Aspen during off season where everything’s pretty much closed and there’s literally nothing to do, but at the same time, it’s kinda nice how its very quiet and peaceful in here too.

Here are a few things a family could do on a short trip during the Aspen off-season:


Visit the Fire Museum

Because we had a little boy who is OBSESSED with trucks, we took him to the Fire Museum in town. The museum part is open to everyone and we got a little lucky to have met one of the fire fighters who graciously let my little nephew take a ride in one of the trucks! It definitely made his day! He couldn’t stop saying “Firetruck!” and “Fireman!” We left with a bunch of goodies like a fireman’s hat and a bunch of coloring books for free!




All the luxury shops in Aspen stay open despite the off-season. If those are still a little too pricey for you, the next best thing are the thrift stores! Where else can you find a pair of Valentino heels for $65?


CP Burger Mini Golf

My favorite burger place in town is none other than CP Burger. I took my family here to play mini-golf which is just $8 per person. During winter, the mini golf course is transformed into an ice skating rink. Aside from the outdoor activities, I’ve tried every single burger, milkshake and side of fries in this place and I haven’t had anything that I didn’t like.


Spend a day in Glenwood Springs

Doing a day trip to Glenwood is a great idea especially since almost everything in Aspen is closed. You can come visit the Glenwood Hot Springs or just walk around the artsy little town, you are bound to discover something interesting. Glenwood also has a lot of really great restaurants, which are a lot less expensive than in Aspen.


I’m always trying to figure out an itinerary for my family whenever they come, because its always almost during the times when everything is closed. I hope this gets to help you!

xx Gizel

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