The girl in the white room. (old blog)

I had a dream,when I was young. It was not that special. It was complex, but I remembered it vividly, up to every little detail, almost..

It was about this girl. I don’t know her, I don’t remember if I knew who she was but I remembered that she was trapped. In a very large room with white-tiled walls. Water was slowly raising up to drown her, although I’m not entirely sure where the water was from, but there was a lot of it. It almost filled up the large room.


This room was hidden in a very, very large house. It was overwhelmingly wide and it had many secret doors and hidden rooms and passages. It was a an old victorian-themed chateau with a mix of hidden modern technologies. Secret elevators and entrances that open up when you press buttons that are disguised as light switches or ordinary closet knobs. It was all so surreal, but the whole thing was flowy and almost, genuine.

I’ve never seen this place before. But I was there, I was supposed to protect her, I think.

Although I have never been there, I walked easily through hallway after hallway and staircase after staircase that led to God knows where. I didn’t get lost, I knew where exactly I had to go, and it was towards that room where she was, trapped.

I knew where all the buttons to press were, whenever needed. I knew where all the keys were hidden. I reached that room just in time. I knew the what the code was to the silver door that separated the two of us. I twisted the dial until it could open. I never really understood how I knew the combination, but I did. The door unlocked, and I swam towards her and pulled her out of the water.

I saved her. We ran as fast as we could to escape that beautiful yet, haunting place. I don’t remember what followed after that. and then, I woke up.

It was a very odd dream. I don’t know what triggered it. But it had stayed with me for a long time. I never forgot about it.


Last night I had the same dream, although, a few things this time were different. It was the same big house, and it was the same white-tiled room that trapped the girl. She was wet now, her dress was soaked and she managed to climb on top of something, I didnt know what it was. Water was dripping down her hair as she hugged her knees. She was shivering, and the water was already creeping up to her ankles.

I wasn’t there to save her.This time, there was a boy. He struggled to find his way to where that girl was. He didn’t know where to go unlike I did. He didn’t know the secret doors. He didn’t know the house, but he had to do what I did when I first had that dream, and that was to save the girl who was trapped in that room.

He got lost a couple of times, and he still couldn’t find the door to that room.

The water was now at the girl’s neck. She had just a small space left to breathe in before he could find the door. She was so close to the ceiling and she felt so scared.


Eventually the boy found his way towards the door I found when I had the same dream a few years ago. He tried, but he couldn’t open it. He didn’t know the code. He didnt know how to unlock it. So he gave up.

Many times I have tried to tell him what to do, but he couldn’t hear me.

I couldn’t be there to save the girl. It was because, this time, the girl that was trapped in that white room, was me.





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