The original hotel room party with Jack and Finn.

It’s time for this week’s MONDAY HIT LIST again! I hope you enjoy this list!

Favorite Series: The Originals


I can’t help myself every time I watch The Originals. They are my favorite set of TV siblings: Brutal, Despicable, and GORGEOUS! Every single one of them! Unfortunately however, they are not complete, but it doesn’t matter that much. Klaus’ badass-ness can make up for the loss of Kol and Finn in The Vampire Diaries.


The Originals are a spin-off series from TVD, and honestly, it’s outperforming the fifth season of The Vampire Diaries. Both shows have got the most attractive set of cast you could ever have, but every twist in The Originals is just so awesome!


I’m sorry Damon. There’s just too much brotherly drama between you and Stefan. Check out how Elijah and Klaus handles things, this is why they are THE originals.


Also, I’m waiting for Cariba Heine to make an appearance, so my favorite trio of Australian mermaids will be complete again. This time as a vampire, werewolf, and, I don’t know, anything! Just bring her to The Originals, PLEASE!



Movie of the Week: Epic


This movie was soooo cute! It reminded me of the time that I was so obsessed with Thumbelina just because I wanted to be super tiny and fit in my Barbie’s clothes and house. Epic had one of the most amazing “backyard” adventures, and it also had the prettiest animated cast ever!



Book I’m currently reading: n/a

Hotties of the Week: Evan Peters & Jourdan Dunn


Who could’ve known that the geek from the movies Sleepover and Kick-Ass would grow up to be an amazing actor and one of the guys in my top ten to-bone-list? Pardon my language, but Evan Peters, you are mighty fiiiiine.

1075689_486065354809959_1927276597_nMr. and Mrs. Dunn had a job well DONE creating a mix of their genes, because they created this bronze, 6’1″ goddess in the form of Ford Supermodel Jourdan.


Honestly, this woman already has a kid, and she’s still so sexy! How can she manage to do that??

 Favorite Youtuber: Troye Sivan


If it’s not so obvious yet with a lot of the gifs I use in this blog, I’m going to let you know. I am in love with Troye Sivan. I don’t care if he’s gay (he recently just came out) I still love him. And even if he’s not going to be into me romantically, I’d still want him to be one of my best friends. Stars? It’s time for you to align for me now please?

Playlist: Ceremonials by Florence and the Machine


I already had this in my iPod for a long time, but I recently just (accidentally) fell SUPER IN LOVE with it when I went driving on my own last Saturday night to pick up my sister. The roads were clear, my windows were down, with the wind blowing my hair, and “Bedroom Hymns” came on, while I parked swiftly in front of a group of guys. I honestly felt so sexy in that moment.

Last-Song-Syndrome: Get Lucky by Daft Punk


Saturday morning, after our (slightly) crazy hotel room party, I woke up and watched a 10-minute video clip on my laptop of me and my friends trying to catch marshmallows in our mouths while getting drunk on rum and 7Up. A remix of this song was playing in the background, and since then, I can’t get it out of my head. Good times, good times.

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