Fearless Fridays: I should never have done this.

I think it’s time, to finally write down that bucket list, and slowly cross out stuff in this list.

This is scary, but I’m supposed to be fearless, so here goes.

  1. Be 30-feet up in the air. (and I don’t mean on a plane)
  2. Be able to be alone.
  3. Spend a whole day without worrying about anything at all.
  4. Sing in front of a huge crowd of strangers.
  5. Approach new people you don’t know, but you think are worth knowing.

Don’t judge me. I know you’d think five things are a piece of cake, but considering how these five things mean to me, this list is one of the hardest challenges I’ve ever given myself.

I’d explain further on each number by the next Fridays to come.

Wish me luck!

xx Gizel


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