Why Surprise Parties Always Fail

If you are like me who can most probably keep a secret unless you allow me to finally share it (or unless I really don’t like you), you’d probably be a master at surprise parties, or in a way, you’d be able to keep it from the surprisee.

However, not a number of people has my skill in poker-facing, or mastery in straight-out lying. (probably not right to be proud of that talent in particular, but hey, it comes in handy at times) Surprise parties tend to always be known before it happens, or just– fail.

Here are the reasons why:

1. Something’s different about the people around you.



I don’t know how they could think they’re not suspicious but, if people tend to do something on a special particular day (i.e. birthday, anniversary, etc) that they don’t normally do on a regular day around you, they’re bound to be up to something.

2. They are constantly on the phone.

tumblr_inline_mr4r17zngV1qz4rgp Yes, I know. “People can’t live without their phones.” Right. But if you check your phone and your watch every twelve seconds, and talk to someone in hushed tones while trying to give me inconspicuous glances, yes, you are becoming a bit too obvious.

3. Freudian Slips


tumblr_inline_mse68tEWt01qz4rgpIf their behavior isn’t weird enough, they keep accidentally giving you hints as well.

4. You are forced to look good.

tumblr_mphvb5WGSh1rjxfbno1_500You have no plans for the night, but somehow, you’re manipulated to wear your prettiest dress and your most uncomfortable shoes. Hmm, preparing you for something, perhaps?



And you don’t know whether you will thank this person, or not.

If you don’t already know, I call my blog lastaugustday because, I’m one of those people who aren’t smart enough to think of a username other than my birthday, and a few days ago (the last day of August) was my birthday, and my sisters and friends decided to surprise me.

Funny situation, but still, despite all the signs, I never really expected these people to actually give me a surprise birthday party. With all the sketchy behavior around me, I still believed that I was going to have a quiet night with my sister. So when I opened the door to a room where I was supposedly just gonna have a simple dinner…



Thank you everybody! You made my birthday EXTRA special!





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