As much as I’ve complained about the month of January being extremely long, this month on the other hand is flying by really quickly! It’s only the second month of the new year but, its already been extremely eventful in the world and in my personal life.

One of the highlights of this month is having my sister and brother-in-law come to visit my little town to celebrate her birthday. Having family and friends over is always a good excuse to go to new places and old favorites.

I finally went to a bunch of different places that’s been in my radar for quite a while now. I love going out to eat and rediscovering menus in some of my favorite go-tos. Since Aspen is such a small town, it is very highly likely that a “local” such as myself would be able to go to every single bar and restaurant. I think I will put that in my goal list for this year, it could be very possible since I consider myself a foodie after all.

One of the top places that I would highly reccomend not just for the food, but also for the people would be Jimmy’s All American Restaurant. It is a locally owned place that’s been a usual and easy spot for most Aspenites. The food is inexpensive and great, and the staff is very accomodating. All of the first friends I’ve made when I moved into town work at Jimmy’s. I loved taking my family there because it made me feel so cool having a bunch of people say hi to me.

They allow any person named Jimmy, Jim or James to “vandalize” the restaurant with their signature, so I had my brother do it!

On a ski-day we decided to run Snowmass because it’s my favorite mountain in town. That might not have been the best decision considering they both suck more than I do. It still ended up being a good day though and now we have a great story to tell!

We ended our ski day at The Collective in Snowmass. I’m still not completely sure what that place was; A playground for adults? An art exhibit of some sort? There was a ball pit, foosball table, pool table, and a psychedelic table for pingpong which I couldn’t score a single point on. The whole experience in general was pretty fun. I’d be bringing all my guests to this place for sure!

I am not a sweets person, but once in a while I would get my random cravings and it’s always led me to Crêperie du Village. This French Alpine Bistro serves my favorite dessert. I always order the Midnight in Paris to satisfy my cravings. I’ve also tried most of the stuff in their crepe menu, and everything has been good but I always come back to my top one.

We visited the Local Coffee House, where the vibe is very hipster and the coffee is very amazing. I am quite particular with my coffee and if you are too, I’d only suggest the best place in town for it.

On their last night in town, we decided to go to Matsuhisa for dinner. Everyone always asks me my choice between Matsuhisa or Kenichi and to be honest, I love both! I can’t decide between the two. However, I’ve recently just been to Kenichi so I took them to Matsuhisa instead. It was a great choice, we had amazing, melt-in-your-mouth uni and sushi rolls. I promise next time I’ll take them to Kenichi.

For a small town, Aspen has a lot to offer in restaurants and experiences. I am definitely planning to take full advantage of that! By the end of the year, we will probably have a #findgizel in local restaurants as an Aspen guide (maybe, who knows?) haha!

Come visit me!

xx Gizel

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