My simple pleasures in life include a long road trip with good music on and free-falling on a roller coaster. I’m so happy I was able to do both in one day! Summer is almost over, and I haven’t exactly done a lot of activities around the valley. I am not proud of myself for that, but I am definitely trying my best!


For a girl who has a passion for roller coasters, I’m surprised with myself that this is the first time I’ve actually visited the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park (the only Mountain-Top Theme Park in the USA) despite living here for more than two years now.

On the way there, Beanca and I were having so much fun driving and singing at the top of our lungs to the 90’s and early 2000s songs that we grew up with. We embarrassingly still knew the lyrics to a bunch of Black Eyed Peas and Jesse McCartney songs, but without a care in the world, we still belted them out. I haven’t quite done this in such a long time that it gave me such great nostalgia.

As soon as you get to the park, you have to ride a gondola all the way to the top of the mountain where all the fun activities are. The place has such a vintage old-time western vibe that I’m obsessed with and the best part is having all of the rides located on the top of the mountains just off the cliffs so the adrenaline of being on extremely high altitude with an amazing view was such an exciting feeling.


Funnily enough, I have such fear of riding roller coasters but I’ve discovered the way to get through it. My trick was always to get through the first hurdle which is to get myself to fall in line. Once I’ve tricked myself to be part of the queue and more people begin lining up behind me, the initial fear of the ride starts wearing out and I’ve given myself no other choice (I’m fearing embarrassment more now because, in my head, a 5’7 adult lady wimping out of a thrill ride is mortifying!) Getting in line means a commitment: one that I can’t back out of, and anyway, I end up having so much fun and absolutely no regrets!


We were able to do the Alpine Coaster which was a solo car ride on the tracks around the mountain, we also did the regular roller coaster, which for a small-sized ride was pretty intense. The sitting down zip-line called The Soaring Eagle and the Canyon Swing (flying through the cliff) were some of my favorites. It literally felt like flying because there was nothing under you, just a view of what’s in the bottom.


Aside from the thrill rides we also did the cave tours and the little child-friendly attractions. It was one of the best afternoons of my summer, and it’s quickly become on the top of my list for activities to suggest and places to go when people come to visit.

I am definitely coming back, at least once more this season and even more times in the future! PS. Photos are taken and edited by my friend Beanca, who also did the artwork for my website! contact her for creative work: @alohabeanca


xx Gizel

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