Fashion Wednesdays: Why I love stripes, but would never wear it.

It’s my first day back!

As grueling as it feels, I had to return to school today, because I made a promise to my mom that the “gap year” stint I decided on, will be just that– a year. And since I’ve already reached the end of twelve months, I had to enroll, and go back.


Hello again school.

It’s funny that my Wednesday posts are supposed to be a bout fashion, and my very first day back is a Wednesday. In our university, Wednesdays are considered, “Expression Day” however the students would interpret that.

Basically, expression days or civilian days, are the only days you can get to wear other clothes (within university rules, of course). On the other days of the week, you’re all basically in the same school corporate uniform which feels like a strait-jacket for a non-conformist like me.

TGFW. Thank God For Wednesdays.

Today, I’ve seen a lot of people with different styles, from the classy but elegant, simple casual, odd color-matching, and even the most ridiculous fashion senses. Wednesdays are a breath of fresh air.

But I didn’t wear anything blog-worthy today. Unless you’d think, pairing jeans and my grandmother’s old blouse deserve a 5000-word essay then I’d gladly describe to you each shade of peach I’m wearing.

Today I will talk about stripes, and how much I love it.

I wish I wore stripes today, but I am feeling so conflicted about it, so I’ll just be crying about that.

Lately I’ve been so obsessed with stripes, specifically horizontals.

Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 8.19.15 PM

Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 8.18.13 PM

I’ve always wanted to buy horizontal striped leggings, ever since the first time I saw Kimbra wearing it on YouTube. Damn, that girl’s ass can rock any pair of leggings! I’d also always feel bad whenever I see blackmilk clothing releasing a new set of leggings that are striped horizontals, but I never really knew where I could get a pair, preferably cheaper, and from my country.

But after more than a year of hoping it will be sold in the Philippines, BOOM! Printed jeans and leggings became all the rage. A lot of stripped jeans and leggings were coming out. Suddenly the trend is slowly being copied by fake brands and sold in cheap prices, just what I wanted, but along with the availability of my “dream pants” came the hoards of people who were also wearing it.

So that’s how my love story with the striped-leggings ended. I’d still like to wear it, but because it became a trend, I’m pretty sure it will eventually become obsolete. Instead of being a classic in your closet, it will just be like one of those “passing trends” that you’d only get to wear for a certain period in time.




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