57284543_10156150836953639_5591259030900178944_oHiya everybody!

Wow! The past few days have been absolutely thrilling! I didn’t think I would have enough time to write, but I am currently gathering my thoughts on my little travel notebook in a coach on the way to Liverpool.

I mean, where do I begin? London definitely did not fail to deliver! It really is such a charming city that I haven’t had a single moment to feel sad, and it’s not just because I am on holiday! There’s something about this city that really draws me in. Forget the plans of moving to Seattle! London, here I come! Haha


It honestly feels so natural for me to be here. (I’ve mentioned this in my previous post.) For some reason, big cities usually overwhelm me, and as I was trying to define London in a conversation with my cousin, it is very much like the “New York” of England. And I’ve said that no matter how much I loved New York, I could never see myself living there. However, despite the close similarities of the two cities, I do somehow see myself living in London.

As someone who is so used to getting lost and just making an adventure out of it, I was thrown quite a curve-ball by this city. After a day and a half of being here, I managed to get the hang of their tube system and by the end of day two, I was walking around like a “local.” It felt nice to not stick out like a sore thumb in such a busy city.

In a few instances though, I did have to remember that I wasn’t a local but an actual tourist in this trip, so I went ahead and did the full tourist experience. I went around a lot of touristy places in London including the Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, National Gallery, Tower Bridge, went inside a few museums and honestly a bunch of other places that I didn’t remember the names of. It was pretty amazing considering, I got to a lot of destinations within two days and we were mostly just walking towards every single one of them.


I didn’t have an itinerary for this trip, I literally just followed wherever my legs took me. PS, you look on the opposite direction while crossing the streets in England. I unfortunately learned that the hard way, but I adjusted to it pretty quickly after.


I was taking random photos of buildings, graffiti, “rubbish” and literal residential doors. The Brits probably thought I was a weirdo. This will be a collection of a couple of my favorite photos, and when I say “a couple” I actually mean “a lot.” I took time to angle my skyline photos and do lighting. I still have a little bit of my photography skills left. Please, appreciate them. ✨



These were taken in Chinatown 🎎 where we (My friend Iana and my cousin Stef) discovered a Filipino dessert restaurant called “Dirty Ice Cream” 😛🍦🍨 and then we ended the night in Camden. 🍻🍹


These were taken at Borough Market, where I’ve had the best mussels in my life, and to be quite honest, I never really liked them in the first place. Cheers to this market for changing my mind!

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At the Covent Gardens where we met with my friend Simon, who gave us a little tour of his workplace: The Savoy Hotel. Come find him! He’s a chef at one of the restaurants.

These are the many different angles of the Tower Bridge, because we stayed around this area due to extreme weather changes, one minute it’s sunny then, it’s hailing the next. We ended up having a little late lunch and cocktails at this really cute place called Temakinho.


Museum finds:

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I really did leave my heart in the city of London. It’s not so hard to fall in love with such a place. Honestly, to all my friends living here that I’ve met with, you guys are all pretty lucky! Who knows, maybe I’ll see you again next time, for good maybe? 😉

#findgizel in London, United Kingdom

xx Gizel

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