Fashion Wednesdays: Let’s talk about Preppy Boys.

This is not just because I am in love with Francisco, but because preppy boys in general are just so fun to watch.

I sure wouldn’t mind waking up to this every morning.

(Warning: This post may be biased towards female readers, you may pee your pants.)

There’s just something so attractive about boys who know what kind of shoes go with the clothes they’re wearing. I’m not specifically talking about brands, but just how they dress, or simply just the way they present themselves. Confidence is a definite plus.


Boys are finally somehow open to the idea of “dressing up.” They put in effort whenever they go shopping and they don’t call it “gay” anymore. It didn’t even matter in the first place because gay guys usually have a great sense of style.


Now there are straight guys on lookbook showing off their fashion statements, and oh boy, what a sight! It honestly doesn’t matter if these guys are not at all that handsome, because just the way they carry their clothes makes you want to stare at them all day.

  tumblr_mw58o8mF8j1rdkvxmo1_500  tumblr_mw7jifdRB61qhodd8o1_500

Finally the goth, and emo trend has gone obsolete, and boys are starting to learn what looks better on them. Girls, now is the right time to thank God for your vision, without which, you wouldn’t be able to appreciate this photo set.

  tumblr_mw6jjoY7Ge1qhodd8o1_500 burberry-tom-nicon-01

tumblr_mvw21m2gj21r7ttu8o1_500I’m sorry, I had to. Everyone I know, is aware about the massive crush I have on Francisco. Male models are my weakness. I could just stare at his face all day and think:






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