The Sail Away Series


So basically, I made four looks for what I’ve come to call “The Sail Away Series”

For my sister’s pre-birthday photo shoot themed nautical, I had the opportunity to style her and of course take photos of her.

The SAS is not about me, but my sister. And since she’s the conventional tomboy, this make-over is a step up to her finally becoming a lady.

I chose her outfits from mine and our other sister’s closets because we technically couldn’t find anything remotely nautical, or at least girly from hers.


So basically these are the four different looks that circled around the “nautical” bandwagon.


I had fun shooting and styling her because it’s like you have your very own life-sized doll! Every little girl’s dream come true. Except this doll comes with constant complaints and eye-rolling. haha!


Anyway, massive thanks to:
Marc J for the make-up
Cleo P for the shoot assistance

Also, thanks to:
Fe for modeling, Mutoy, Nephi and Faye.

(hype all looks on my lookbook!)

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