New things for the New Year.

As the days of the year 2013 are starting to wane, the anticipation of new things are coming in.

New people, new habits, new happenings, New Year.

It’s time to let go of the things that hurt us from the past, and accept new opportunities that present themselves for our future.

Yes, this blog post is about hair, my hair.


As unrelated, or insignificant as it may seem, cutting your hair is just like a metaphor of your life.

You want change, you need change; and you have to let go of things that are weighing you down, and things that are making your life harder and even more complicated. Yes, things like that are scary. I mean I know how long you’ve nurtured your hair for it to grow and look good, it’s hard to let go. But, it’s a new year.

…and it’s just HAIR.


xx Gizel


What would be a good New Year’s Resolution?

Considering when this blog post got published and how far apart it was from my last, you can tell that I’m the kind of person who doesn’t really stick to whatever it is that I planned.

Yes, I failed NaBloPoMo.

…I think I have the beach to blame for that.

But really, the beach was such a beautiful place to get lost in and it felt safe to forget about everything else left in civilization. And considering I missed 4 days of posting, I decided to not continue on with it.

I don’t feel THAT bad. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do the whole month, but it felt great to at least try.

And since then, a lot of things already happened.


Time flies. But what’s important is, you get to live each second of it. 2014 is coming, and I am so stoked! I’m probably not gonna make New Year’s Resolutions, and things like that because I know they’re bound to be broken anyway. Not because, I’m not disciplined enough to follow new rules that I set for myself, but because I tend to change my mind a lot.

Whatever is gonna happen though, I’m going to be ready for it!

xx Gizel