Fashion Wednesdays: Bikinis for your Body Shapes

Tomorrow, I’m going to the beach.


And I’m not exactly sure about the internet connection from there, but whatever. Beach trips, are like those “one-with-the-nature” kind of trips anyway, so I’m probably gonna be out (with nature) a lot. But since it’s still Wednesday, and I have a Fashion Blog to post, let me share with you the different types of body shapes, and how to choose beach wear for them. I had a hard time preparing myself for that ultimate beach-body before this trip. It involved a lot of lifting (the remote) and pulling (the popcorn bowl closer to me.) What can I say? You need to exert a lot of effort to get THAT body you so badly want. But most people, myself included, are not so lucky with getting the body type they wish to have, so instead, they learn how to maximize their assets on the body that they DO have. Image

For Triangle Shape (Pear Shaped):


If you are bigger on the bottom, don’t wear something that would make it look like your thighs were cut in the wrong place. Bikinis with higher cut bottoms never fail!


For Inverted Triangle Shape:


You’re sure to have broad shoulders, show them off with a bandeau top! Having no symmetry between the top part and the lower part of your body means it wouldn’t matter if your top and bottom pairs are not exactly, pairs! It’s more fun to mix and match and be creative. Or, a high waist bikini can do the trick!


For Rectangle Shape:


My Fellow, Flat-chested Friends, stuffing your bra just wont work in the beach! Focus on just making an illusion that you have the body that Victoria’s Secret Angels would cry for by wearing tops with ruffled designs, and shapely details. Trust me, these  days, everything can pass off as what you want it to be.


For Hour-Glass Shape:


You lucky bitch. You can pretty much wear anything you want and pull it off. You can even go naked for all I care.


For Diamond Shape:


Create a defined waistline with details like belts, etc. Dark tops and light bottoms always create a sort of divide between the upper and lower part of your body, people will forget to look at the middle!


For Rounded Shape:


You don’t exactly have to cover yourself all over. They key to hiding your belly is distraction. Distract them from checking out your body center by wearing graphic or floral printed one piece suits. Also, try ones with details in the waistline to fake abs, bright colors usually work best. 😉





Cooking with Tuesdays: PANCAKES ft. Quincy

1422852_10151832612693218_1412446681_nMeet Quincy, one of my best friends in high school. Quincy is taking up Hospitality Management. She has classes in cooking, baking, and a whole bunch of other kitchen-related stuff. So deciding to do this with her, would be easy… NOT!

Quincy is probably the last person you’d see cleaning up a pile of dirty dishes. She’s passionate about baking, but she made me do this on my own. Hah! Talk about future-chefs. :))

We were bored, and hungry, so we decided to make a quick and easy-to-make meal: Pancakes.




1464935_10151832621683218_699380939_n  1472113_10151832621658218_1332845484_n

1465048_10151832619798218_389563597_n  1415726_10151832619778218_1573124648_n

1464928_10151832618263218_748106168_n  1420340_10151832618243218_82352794_n

1454536_10151832618253218_1366724518_n (1)



GQ (Gizel & Quincy)

1 box pancake mix
1 medium egg
3/4 cup water
2 tablespoons vegetable oil/butter


Mix all ingredients in bowl.

Enjoy! (Personally, I like eating it uncooked but apparently, according to my very health-conscious friend, it’s not good for you.)

Pour in mixture to pan in low heat. Flip and cook until golden brown.

Serve with fruits and syrup.


I had a fun time making shapes out of the pancakes, I can’t wait to make a mess in the kitchen again with you Quince.


Cooking with Tuesdays Part 2: Success (with a super easy dish)
Photos by: Me (iPhone quality)


xx Gizel


Five Witches You Meet in School.

WOW, my third already? November is kinda going too fast for me. Here we go.

Favorite Series: American Horror Story (Coven)


Honestly, this show is AAAAMAZING. I’m probably being a little bit biased because I really loved the first season, but honestly, after falling in love with the first one, I can’t simply hate the next others. Coven is the third season; so much different from the first two preceeding seasons. The only thing they have the same is the cast. Each season is a new story all together, and I love this one because it’s a bout a coven of witches.


Plus, Jessica Lange has honestly become one of  my favorite actresses because of this show.

Movie of the Week: for the life of me I can’t think of any movie I’ve seen this week.

Book I’m currently reading: The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom


Honestly, it’s so embarassing to not have read any book for the past two weeks, it makes me feel  like I’m showing you guys how much I am not a smart person. Thankfully, I’ve recently read this book, I know it’s old but I really loved it. It’s the kind of book you read in one sitting, and feel light afterwards. Luckily this was the book I read in public and not the “Tuesdays with Morrie” one because I honestly don’t think crying in public with your snot everywhere could ever be attractive at all.

Hotties of the Week: Erika Linder & ERIKA LINDER

29822_10151300872804384_16758420_n  309475_10151147893099384_130591299_n 407375_10151427848979384_772387596_n
547520_10151663454079384_2059428645_n  576092_10151586087824384_180370104_n

Girl or boy, this androgynous model is making me question my sexuality.


480608_10151164285934384_951157766_n 487733_10151532540539384_253641061_n

Favorite Youtuber: Caspar Lee


Ladies and gentlemen, Meet Caspar Lee: the male version of me.


The UK should stop it with all these pretty boys being around each other so much.
P.S. Finn, I’m not sure how I feel about you kissing Caspar, I think instead of feeling jealous, I sorta could just stare at you pucker up all day.

Playlist: + by Ed Sheeran


Dear Ed Sheeran, when will you make another album? I swear, you shouldn’t let that talent go to waste. Why are you opening for Taylor Swift when you can have a world tour of your own? I can’t stop listening to Kiss Me and Wake Me Up.

 Last-Song-Syndrome: Royals by Lorde

I can’t stop replaying this song.


And this girl is fucking gorgeous!

Currently Preoccupied With: School


Everything is not okay.





Thursday Throwback to a different Lifetime

I spent the whole afternoon with my grandmother today. I was her personal chauffeur and official “errand-girl” Despite the tiring day of carrying her stuff, and driving her to her bidding, I had a lot of fun (and pizza.)

Today I got to talk to my grandmother about her life when she wasn’t you know- a grandmother. I mean, I never saw her as anything else, but she’s in her late sixties already, she recently just celebrated her birthday, and before all of us, she had a life. She had her own dreams, failures and experiences, basically, she’s human, just like myself.

Image My grandmother graduated high school from a small town in Negros, grew up the youngest of ten siblings, and as I just learned today; got maried at the age of twenty-one.


DAMN. I’m just a year younger now than she was when she married my grandfather in a courthouse in Manila. I couldn’t even take relationships seriously at this age, and yet there she was, getting married, and starting her own family.


I loved getting to know this side of my grandmother. I only always see her as the funny old lady who loved to cook and sew. My friends that know her describe her as “groovy” or “hip” She’s usually up for anything, and she’s probably one of the most positive people I know. My grandmother is very simple. She does laundry, cooks dinner, and keeps the house clean. Once a week she attends her bible study class along with all her retired friends. She’s like everyone’s typical grandma.


 But hidden in that simplicity, is her secret. When she was younger, probably just a few years older than me, she was a strong independent woman with class, and style. She worked at one of the city’s top companies to support her children. She suffered three miscarriages and had to go through a very long time without her husband because my grandfather used to work away most of the time as a seaman. In her twenties, she had an envious waistline of 23-inches and the most amazing collection of self-made wardrobe. I have her to thank for all the vintage stuff I own. Me and my older sister have a field day whenever our grandmother decides to open her closet to us.

My grandmother is very humble and down-to-earth. When you look at her and the way she lives, you wouldn’t have known that she’s already traveled to a lot of places around the world, and has seen a lot it has to offer. I love my grandmother, and she’s one of my inspirations why I want to travel the world. I think she’s a wonderful role model, and I’d like to pattern my lifestyle to hers. She’s an adorable  woman whom every one of my aunts, uncles, and cousins love. She has the kind of personality that just makes her so lovable, and I’d like to be the same.


Honestly, I think my grandmother is secretly a queen.

In my eyes she had always been old, always been mine, always been Granny Dan. But in another time, another place, there had been dancing, people, laughter, love. . . . She had had another life before she came to us, long before she came to me. . .  – Granny Dan, Danielle Steel

xx Gizel


Fashion Wednesdays: Let’s talk about Preppy Boys.

This is not just because I am in love with Francisco, but because preppy boys in general are just so fun to watch.


I sure wouldn’t mind waking up to this every morning.

(Warning: This post may be biased towards female readers, you may pee your pants.)

There’s just something so attractive about boys who know what kind of shoes go with the clothes they’re wearing. I’m not specifically talking about brands, but just how they dress, or simply just the way they present themselves. Confidence is a definite plus.


Boys are finally somehow open to the idea of “dressing up.” They put in effort whenever they go shopping and they don’t call it “gay” anymore. It didn’t even matter in the first place because gay guys usually have a great sense of style.


Now there are straight guys on lookbook showing off their fashion statements, and oh boy, what a sight! It honestly doesn’t matter if these guys are not at all that handsome, because just the way they carry their clothes makes you want to stare at them all day.

  tumblr_mw58o8mF8j1rdkvxmo1_500  tumblr_mw7jifdRB61qhodd8o1_500

Finally the goth, and emo trend has gone obsolete, and boys are starting to learn what looks better on them. Girls, now is the right time to thank God for your vision, without which, you wouldn’t be able to appreciate this photo set.

  tumblr_mw6jjoY7Ge1qhodd8o1_500 burberry-tom-nicon-01

tumblr_mvw21m2gj21r7ttu8o1_500I’m sorry, I had to. Everyone I know, is aware about the massive crush I have on Francisco. Male models are my weakness. I could just stare at his face all day and think:






Seeing the bright side.

I avoided writing about this topic for a few days. But I finally caved in and did anyway.

Ever since last Thursday, everything I saw and heard in the news or from countless social media sites are about Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) that struck the Philippines.

I can’t go three minutes online without finding out the recent rise in the number of deaths in the country. I can’t watch the news without seeing somebody crying, stealing, or worse, dead. Every facebook post is about the families that lost their homes, places that were destroyed, or communities that are now suffering because they haven’t eaten in days.

No, I am not being ignorant or apathetic about the calamity. It’s just that, I’m a Filipino, and hearing and seeing all these devastating things that are happening to my fellow Filipinos around me is simply just too heartbreaking.

The country hasn’t even risen from the recent earthquake disaster, and now we have this?


In times like these, people are quick to be filled with rage, and judgement; and usually, they wouldn’t know where to direct those feelings, so they tend to blow up on everything. They hate the government for being unreliable, they blame their religion for what is happening, they even start believing in the apocalypse.

I wish the news don’t show just the half of what’s happening around the country. It’s painful enough to watch all of the negative things happening around us being sensationalized and focused on. Why don’t they show the family members that finally saw each other? Or the volunteers that are willing to do anything for strangers? We badly need positive news to lift our spirits.

It’s too tiring to feel angry. It’s time to finally start working. Complaining about what’s happening won’t help them, doing something will.

And I’m proud to say that today, I did do something.

(Going out of my Tuesday Cooking schedule because I want to blog about this.)


After class today I joined another Relief Operation for Yolanda Victims with Operation Walang Iwanan by GK Team Negros Occidental.

Despite the miserable things that are happening in our country, it was great to see a diversity of volunteers from different rivaling schools today gather and work together for a common cause. Most of these volunteers are the youth who didn’t come for attendance or because of a grade requirement, but because they just wanted to help.



I’m so proud to say that I got my sister and her boyfriend to help out and join me in the things I like doing.

Today we were able to pack 1,206 relief packets to be sent to some parts of Northern Negros Occidental and Bantayan.

I know most of the people are donating to Tacloban because it had the most casualties, but let’s not also forget the places like Ormoc, Coron, and Sagay who suffered almost the same fate, but didn’t get as much media coverage.

There is too much sadness in the Philippines today and I want to make it my life mission (for the time being) to spread positivity and share any type of light-hearted news or stories about the typhoon that would lift up the spirits of every Filipino.


These stories made me smile today:

Two L.A. Girls sell lemonade for typhoon victims
Japan returns favor to Philippines


If you have any positive news you’d like to share, please do.






The original hotel room party with Jack and Finn.

It’s time for this week’s MONDAY HIT LIST again! I hope you enjoy this list!

Favorite Series: The Originals


I can’t help myself every time I watch The Originals. They are my favorite set of TV siblings: Brutal, Despicable, and GORGEOUS! Every single one of them! Unfortunately however, they are not complete, but it doesn’t matter that much. Klaus’ badass-ness can make up for the loss of Kol and Finn in The Vampire Diaries.


The Originals are a spin-off series from TVD, and honestly, it’s outperforming the fifth season of The Vampire Diaries. Both shows have got the most attractive set of cast you could ever have, but every twist in The Originals is just so awesome!


I’m sorry Damon. There’s just too much brotherly drama between you and Stefan. Check out how Elijah and Klaus handles things, this is why they are THE originals.


Also, I’m waiting for Cariba Heine to make an appearance, so my favorite trio of Australian mermaids will be complete again. This time as a vampire, werewolf, and, I don’t know, anything! Just bring her to The Originals, PLEASE!



Movie of the Week: Epic


This movie was soooo cute! It reminded me of the time that I was so obsessed with Thumbelina just because I wanted to be super tiny and fit in my Barbie’s clothes and house. Epic had one of the most amazing “backyard” adventures, and it also had the prettiest animated cast ever!



Book I’m currently reading: n/a

Hotties of the Week: Evan Peters & Jourdan Dunn


Who could’ve known that the geek from the movies Sleepover and Kick-Ass would grow up to be an amazing actor and one of the guys in my top ten to-bone-list? Pardon my language, but Evan Peters, you are mighty fiiiiine.

1075689_486065354809959_1927276597_nMr. and Mrs. Dunn had a job well DONE creating a mix of their genes, because they created this bronze, 6’1″ goddess in the form of Ford Supermodel Jourdan.


Honestly, this woman already has a kid, and she’s still so sexy! How can she manage to do that??

 Favorite Youtuber: Troye Sivan


If it’s not so obvious yet with a lot of the gifs I use in this blog, I’m going to let you know. I am in love with Troye Sivan. I don’t care if he’s gay (he recently just came out) I still love him. And even if he’s not going to be into me romantically, I’d still want him to be one of my best friends. Stars? It’s time for you to align for me now please?

Playlist: Ceremonials by Florence and the Machine


I already had this in my iPod for a long time, but I recently just (accidentally) fell SUPER IN LOVE with it when I went driving on my own last Saturday night to pick up my sister. The roads were clear, my windows were down, with the wind blowing my hair, and “Bedroom Hymns” came on, while I parked swiftly in front of a group of guys. I honestly felt so sexy in that moment.

Last-Song-Syndrome: Get Lucky by Daft Punk


Saturday morning, after our (slightly) crazy hotel room party, I woke up and watched a 10-minute video clip on my laptop of me and my friends trying to catch marshmallows in our mouths while getting drunk on rum and 7Up. A remix of this song was playing in the background, and since then, I can’t get it out of my head. Good times, good times.

Currently Obsessing On:

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